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The importance of financial planning and keeping good financial records

The next webinar in Q Bay Accelerator Program is going to be held on Feb 18, 2021. We are honored to have Sandeep Shroff as our keynote speaker. He will talk about the importance of financial planning and keeping good financial records and have a conversation with startup Vironix Health.

Here is the event info.


6:00 pm, Thursday, Feb 18, 2021 (Pacific Time)
9:00 pm , Thursday, Feb 18, 2021 (Eastern Time)
10:00 am, Friday, Feb 19, 2021 (Beijing Time)
This event will be presented through Zoom.

About Sandeep Shroff, CEO/Co-founder: myStartUpCFO
Sandeep brings 30 years of experience spanning finance, investment analysis, strategic planning and technology, including the last 15 years of leadership experience (as CEO/CFO) in fundraising ($500M+ aggregate raised) and strategic and tactical financial management. He has worked with hundreds of start-ups from pre-revenue to multi-million dollar revenue. He has grown companies from unfunded dreams to sale to Fortune 10 buyers.
As Co-founder at Gridstone Research, he played a leadership role in raising four rounds of funding and grew the company to ~350 headcount. At Infosys he led the US team responsible for investor relations and M&A activity. He was an integral part of the team that ran a very successful $1B+ secondary stock offering for Infosys.
Sandeep has a Master’s in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MBA in Finance from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Vironix Health will give their pitch after Sandeep’s keynote speech.
Vironix is a digital health company that develops machine-learned (A.I.) prediction algorithms for early detection and remote monitoring of viral and chronic respiratory illnesses. Their technology is enabling employers, schools, and hospitals to reduce the infection rate of Covid-19 and influenza, improve organizational wellness, reduce direct and indirect costs of organizational Asthma and COPD, and maintain safe compliance with regulatory return-to-work guidelines. Vironix products are hardware agnostic, cloud-enabled APIs that are deployable in a variety of institutional HR, payroll, and identity management software for use by global organization

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