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Welcome to Q Bay Training Series of February! This time we invited Dr. Christian Freudiger, the Co-Founder, and CTO at Invenio Imaging Inc, to share his insights on state of the art and future trends in Pathology, on Wednesday, Feb 22nd @6:00pm (PDT).


Multiple companies are currently developing AI-based solutions to improve diagnostic accuracy, availability, and workflow for pathology. A co-occurring trend is the emergency of targeted therapies for specific cancer subtypes that have driven the demand for faster and more accurate molecular techniques for diagnosis. AI-based solutions are showing promising results in going beyond morphologic analysis and predicting such genetic markers.

We are very glad to invite Christian Freudiger, the Co-founder, and CTO of Invenio Imaging, Inc, to discuss the state of the art and trends.

Dr. Christian will talk about :

  • Introduction to digital pathology
  • Emergence of AI for pathology
  • Emergence of molecular-based methods for diagnosis

Event Info

Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, PDT

Venue: Zoom for All participants

Speaker Introduction

Dr. Christian Freudiger is an entrepreneurial-minded manager with 10+ years of experience developing and commercializing innovative medical and in vitro diagnostic devices. As the co-founder and executive of Invenio, he has been involved in the entire product life cycle from discovery to clinical translation and commercialization. He has a solid technical background in spectroscopy, imaging, hardware engineering, software design, and machine learning. His passion is identifying innovative solutions to unmet needs at the interface of technology, medicine, and business strategy. He is a self-starter and team-builder who leads by example.

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