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Q Bay Global Pitch Day Invitation on Immunotherapy

Q Bay Global Pitch Day is organized by Q Bay Center for a global perspective on the healthcare industry. We provide resources including latest trends in the healthcare industry, entrepreneurship and innovations. Also, we provide resources including biomedical incubators, expert mentors and financial supports etc.

The Q Bay Global Pitch Day virtual conference on immunology and immunotherapy is designed to integrate multidisciplinary facets of immunotherapy and entrepreneurship to broaden our understanding of ways to harness the immune system to treat diseases like cancer. The hallmark of the conference is also to encourage the effective exchange of ideas to develop approaches that translate to outcomes. The conference will feature international leaders in the field, who will expand our knowledge of the immune landscape of cancer; immunometabolism; immune cell engineering; and systems biology and new technology.

Event Info
Event name: Q Bay Global Pitch Day
Date & Time: March 3, 2022
5:00pm-8:00pm (PT)
8:00pm-11:00am (ET)
March 4, 9:00am-12pm (Beijing Time)
Topic: Immunotherapy
Attendees: 6 startups, 20+investors from Q Bay global network, invited speakers, guests and partners.

Agenda (All Pacific Time)
Opening Remark
5:00pm-5:10pm, Opening remark (introduce Q Bay, investors, and marketing partners)

Keynote Speech
Michael Shepard, President and CEO at Enosi Life Sciences
• Lasker Prize Laureate
• The inventor of Herceptin, an anti-cancer monoclonal antibody now used to treat more than 2.3 million breast cancer patients
• Former Genentech core team

Topic: Biomarkers in Immunotherapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Disease

Startup Pitch
5:40pm-6:00pm, Ardan Pharma
• Speaker: María Varela, Founder & CEO

6:00pm-6:20pm, Repair Biotechnologies
• Speaker: Reason, Founder & CEO

6:20pm-6:40pm, Intrommune
• Speaker: Trilla Sergi

6:40pm-7:00pm, Cytonus Therapeutics
• Speaker: Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, Founder & CEO

7:00pm-7:20pm, AVM Biotechnology
• Speaker: Jena Dalpez, Founder & CEO

7:20pm-7:40pm, Nectin Therapeutics (Israel)
• Speaker: Fabian Tenenbaum, Founder & CEO

7:40pm-8:00pm, Open Q&A

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