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Intellectual Property and Biotech Startups: Strategic Coverage of Critical Developments to Overcome Patent Challenges in Healthcare Industry

With the era of digital transformation and rapid advances in biotechnology, protecting assets is crucial and challenging, raising vital questions about the suitable protection required. Global enforcement remains complex and uncertain with many kinds of diseases, adding increasing pressure on IP owners to manage risks and opportunities to manoeuvre the ever-changing landscape. The patent system is designed to promote innovation and, at the same time, offer a mechanism ensuring that the fruits of that innovation are accessible to society. In the context of the health industry, the challenge is also to find an optimal balance between the rights of patent owners, who provide technological innovations to improve health conditions, and the needs of the general public.

We will talk about
What is the importance of an IP/patent strategy?
How to protect your business and intellectual property?
Why does every investor or CEO need to know about patent protection?

Event Info
Date: Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021
Time: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM, PST
Platform: Zoom webinar

3:00-3:05 PM, Opening remark
3:05-4:15 PM, Panel discussion
4:15-4:30 PM, Q&A

Event Review
Q Bay Training Series with intellectual property experts was held this Wednesday Dec 8, 2021 on the topic “Intellectual Property and Biotech Startups: Strategic Coverage of Critical Developments to Overcome Patent Challenges in Healthcare Industry.” James, Ali, Joshua, Michael and Lake give us great insights on how the patent system works and how it is designed to promote innovation. Many examples on patents, trade secret, copyright and trademarks are provided, including why patents are a powerful way of preserving value in ideas for companies and why it is a critical need for companies in the life science industry before they go through an M&A or an IPO. It is important to acknowledge how to work with a patent specialist who knows how to use a patent portfolio to increase business value, especially if it is a startup and has a limit on budget. It is also noted by trademark definition and explanation, including how to implement exclusive rights and use a trademark to protect the business and services. Specifically, for startup companies, it is crucial to protect itself from large companies infringing its rights. When talking about automation, it is also discussed what kind of work can be replaced by automation including routine and administration with documents. In the Q&A section, the strategy for commercializing IVD technologies across borders and how to protect patents outside of the United States are commented. The pathways to protect biological targets and how to protect IP from talent hunting from the viewpoint of startup owners are covered as well. A lot of brilliant ideas are inspired and brainstorms are emerged. Welcome to participate in more events organized by Q Bay and please share any feedback with us.

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