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Q Bay is thrilled to announce our upcoming Global Pitch Day “Crossing Boundaries, Collaborating for the future” from 5:00pm – 9:00pm PST on July 6th. This event promises to bring together industry experts, CVs, and exceptional startups from the biomedical sector in North America.

The event aims to delve into the forefront of advancements in areas such as biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and medical diagnostics. It will provide a platform for sharing the latest scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, and successful technology transfers. Through entrepreneurial exploration and innovation, we hope to uncover future directions and trends in the field of medicine.

The event encompasses various aspects, including academia, investment, and business cooperation. During this event, the spotlight will be on projects related to cell therapy, ophthalmic treatments, novel tumor targets, gene therapy, painless injections, and neurology, among other fields. We believe that the presentations and discussions will provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for all participants.

Startup Investment Opportunities

InGel utilizes biocompatible materials for stem cell therapy to treat blinding diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration. The company develops stem cell therapies and biodegradable polymers to enhance and create treatments for ocular diseases, enabling healthcare professionals to address retinal degeneration in patients. The team consists of experts with over 50 years of combined experience in retinal cell biology, neuroprotective mechanisms, repair and regeneration, and biomaterial design.  Elpis is developing therapies that target and activate the immune response to eradicate tumors and provide better treatment outcomes for patients with refractory and drug-resistant cancers, achieving long-lasting efficacy. Elpis is the first US biotechnology company to utilize the Investigator-Initiated Trial (IIT) clinical pathway in China. The team at Elpis consists of experienced experts in biopharmaceutical research and development who have a strong track record in advancing biologic therapeutic candidates through clinical and commercial stages.

Full Circles is a biotechnology company that focuses on developing non-viral, site-specific gene insertion tools and innovative CRISPR gene editing techniques. Currently, the company has four pipeline programs that have entered the clinical stage. The disruptive technology of the GATALYST platform allows for the insertion of any gene sequence, of any size, at any location within the human genome of disease-relevant cells. The founding team consists of individuals with doctoral degrees from prestigious institutions such as MIT and UC Berkeley. The CEO, Richard Shen, graduated from UC Berkeley and previously worked at Quintarabio.

NovaXS is a startup company in the field of intelligent medical devices, dedicated to improving the drug delivery process and enhancing treatment outcomes. Their core product is an intelligent needle-free drug delivery platform called Telosis. The Telosis smart needle-free injector provides a better painless patient experience and reduces administration errors and medication adherence tracking. The team has over 20 years of experience in geriatric research, accumulating extensive expertise and understanding in providing optimal preventive care solutions.

Biostage is a company focused on the field of regenerative medicine, dedicated to developing bioengineered organ implants to address organ failure and other life-threatening conditions. Biostage’s technology offers a potential solution for patients by reducing reliance on donor organs through the use of bioengineered organ implants. The founders have educational backgrounds from institutions such as Peking University, Yale University, and Case Western Reserve University, with the CEO holding an undergraduate degree from Peking University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

JWE is dedicated to building a differentiated, globally leading, core technology-driven platform for innovative protein design and development. The company offers one-stop protein development and production technology services, including gene editing, engineering modifications, artificial intelligence optimization, protein-related product expression, analysis, screening, purification, and validation, library construction, and database construction. The founder, Dr. Wei Jiang, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He subsequently served as a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer at Stanford University.

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