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Antibody-Drug Conjugate

The event focuses on the topic of Antibody-Drug Conjugate and brings together six companies with leading technologies in the field of biomedicine to pitch their business solutions while seeking funding opportunities and industry partnerships.

Event Details

Date & Time:
6:30pm-9:00pm, May 20 (PDT)
9:30pm-12:00pm, May 20 (EDT)
9:30am-12:00am, May 21 (GMT+8, Beijing)

Venue: Presented through Zoom.
OR join us on-site at Q Bay Center (160 E Tasman Dr, San Jose, CA 95134), PPE provided.

Attendees: 6 startups, 50+investors from Q Bay global network, invited speakers, guests, and partners.

At the beginning of the event, there will be a 40-min round table discussion focusing on “How to Maximize the Clinical Therapeutic Window of Antibody-drug Conjugates.” Four panelists, from the bio-science industry, will give their insights into the industry. Our panelists include:

1. Subhash Chauhan, Ph.D.: Professor and Chairman in the School of Medicine at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
2. Peng Guo, Ph.D.: Distinguished researcher and doctoral supervisor of Institute of Cancer and Basic Medicine (ICBM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
3. Jun Wang, Ph.D.: Co-founder & CSO of Lynk Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd
4. Ziping Wei, Ph.D.: Chief Executive Officer at Bliss Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Six companies will deliver their business pitch in order.

1. Akelos is developing a first-in-class and novel mechanism of action drugs specifically for the treatment of neuropathic pain.
2. Lena Biosciences helps to save people’s lives by identifying which cancer drugs work best for their particular cancer.
3. OneThree Biotech redesigns Drug Discovery with Biology-Driven AI which identifies safe and effective targets and links targets to potential treatments.
4. Amytrx Therapeutics advance a new class of peptide therapies to empower the body’s natural intracellular regulatory mechanisms to control inflammation and metabolic disease.
5. Nilogen Oncosystems develops the 3D-EXplore, a solution to power translational oncology that helps the drug development process.
6. Nordic Nanovector is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to extending and improving the lives of patients with hematological cancers by developing and commercializing innovative targeted radio immunotherapies.

This is a great chance for both start-ups and investors in the health care industry to seek developing opportunities and enhance industrial connections.

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