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In April, we are excited to host our second thematic discussion forum titled “The Intersection of AI and Biotech”. This forum will delve into how artificial intelligence is driving advancements in biopharmaceutical technology.

We are honored to invite three distinguished experts who have made outstanding contributions in the field of biotechnology to join us as our discussion panelists. Through their professional insights and firsthand experiences, we aim to explore the current status, challenges, and future opportunities of integrating AI and biotechnology.

Event Info

Date: Sunday, April 28th (check-in begins at 9:45 am)

Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am, PDT

Location: Q Bay Center, 160 E Tasman Dr, San Jose, CA 95134


Guest Introduction:

  • Hongmei Huang, VP of Roche/Genentech
  • Shicheng Guo, Director at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals
  • Kai Liu, VP of Deep Learning, SES AI, ex-director and Head of Artificial Intelligence-MLP at Genentech
We look forward to engaging with you in this insightful exchange, as we delve deeper into understanding how these two fields collaborate to propel the convergence of technology and healthcare.

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